the gin story.

The Global Isssues Network was founded by students and teachers of the International School of Luxembourg out of a combination of urgency and foresight for the sake of future generations and the health of the planet. It was at this time that these same educators had been audience to Jean-François Rischard’s recently published book, High Noon: Twenty Global Problems, Twenty Years to Solve Them (2002). The Former World Bank Vice-President's book was a road map to solutions that underscored the urgency for immediate action. Educators found themselves looking to the energy of their students to create this change.

Mr. Rischard described imminent issues such as water shortages, climate change, and illiteracy, that could only be solved through global cooperation. Mr. Rischard noted that the existing institutions charged with addressing global issues, namely appointed departments of government within nation-states and international organizations, were inadequate for the task. He found that many of the bureaucratic structures that these aforementioned institutions relied on consequently delayed action. This delay in action only increased the negative affects of the global issues we face, making it even more difficult to find viable solutions before it is too late. In his book, High Noon, he called for “global issues networks” that would be flexible and exceptionally-responsive to an ever-changing world.

Today GIN operates in over 100 countries and comprises more than 90,000 students worldwide.

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

In Jakarta, Indonesia.

GIN first emerged at the Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) in 2009 and now has expanded to the following schools:

GIN JAKARTA was a unanimous decision made in 2017, among Directors at the time, to conglomerate all GIN schools into one unified and mutually-supportive organization. 

Accumulating over 300 students from middle to high school thus far, GIN JAKARTA empowers every possible student to introduce nascent ideas, take impactful action, and hone their unique skill to solve foreboding Global Issues that harm Jakarta.

By working collaboratively, school to school, GIN JAKARTA effectively continues to mitigate the following Global Issues:

Climate Change

Peacekeeping, Conflict Prevention, Combating Terrorism

Massive Step-Up in the Fight Against Poverty 

   Biodiversity and Ecosystem Losses

Fisheries Depletion


Massive Step-Up in the Fight Against Poverty

Water Deficits

Maritime Safety and Pollution

Massive Step-Up in the Fight Against Poverty

Education for All


Digital Divide

Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Reinventing Taxation for the Twenty-First Century

Biotechnology Rules

Global Financial Architecture

Illegal drugs

Trade, Investment, and Competition Rules

Intellectual Property Rights

E-commerce Rules

International Labor and Migration Rules

Global Infectious Diseases

No One Has Ever Become Poor By Giving.
— Anne Frank

Our Vision

A world where global citizenry is championed by today’s youth.

Our Mission

To empower young individuals to collaborate locally, regionally, and globally in order to create project based sustainable solutions for our shared global issues.


  • Engage empathy as Global Citizens.

  • Make our work effective and sustainable.

  • Answer our call to action as resilient leaders of today.

  • Value life-long learning as a means to create positive change.

  • Innovate socio-environmental awareness, expression & action.

  • Continually inspire and foster transgenerational community empowerment.



Nicholas Tjandra 

Director at SPH Lippo Village

Subham ganguly

Director at JIS

Amanda Kusuma

Director at ACS Jakarta

tiara amadia

Director at BINUS Simprug

rachel lianto

Co-Director at SPH Sentul CIty

Otilingam Sivakumar Premanand (GIN SPHSC).png

Otilingam Sivakumar premanand

Co-Director at SPH Sentul City